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Warren Hickernell
Owner, Manager
(941) 232-5738


Warren has owned and invested in real estate since 1978, when he worked as a federal investigator in the Northeast. As an agent he investigated land fraud developments in the Pennsylvania area, where he learned the benefits of real estate investment. Becoming an investor and realizing property values were rapidly escalating in his assigned area of Atlantic City, he bought and sold properties until another transfer took him to New York City.

Eventually Warren left government service to work on Wall Street, specializing in tax advantaged partnerships and investments, including real estate partnerships, equipment leasing and oil drilling programs. After eight years on Wall Street, Warren relocated to Sarasota, Florida in 1989.

Working for a local public accounting firm in the area of auditing and taxes, he subsequently earned his Certified Public Accountant designation and is licensed in the State of Georgia. Warren entered the real estate profession as a Realtor full time in 1995.

In 2000, with his Wall Street investment background and CPA experience, he started forming numerous investment groups to purchase, renovate and convert multi-unit real estate into condominium ownership for resale.  In 2006 his  portfolio had grown to over $50,000,000 ownership of apartments and resort hotels via investor partnerships.

Warren has consistently been a top Realtor and has provided tax seminars and written articles for the Sarasota Board of Realtors. Warren has also been featured in various newspapers and magazines, including Gulf Coast Business Review and Fortune Magazine.

As the owner of Mango Bay Vacation Rentals, LLC., he oversees the management of resorts, apartment rentals and marinas.

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